Porsche Still Gets It

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Rants

Just when I’m starting to get dismayed at the Bimbo Box Cayenne or that gross bloated Panamera, Porsche goes and releases something incredible like the 911 Carrera GT3 RS 4.0 (or is it GT3 RS 400 like it says on the car?).



4 liters, 500 hp @ 5,250 rpm.

No turbos.

2,998 lbs.

Rear engine, RWD.

Development of cars like this (and the Boxster Spyder and the Cayman R) is where the profits from those SUVs and Sedans are going towards.

Worth it?  Probably not, unless you’re going to hermetically seal it away and sell it in 50 years – considering only 600 will be made, it will certainly be a collector’s item, and as we all know, Collector Cars have outpaced the Stock Market AND the Fine Art market.

Still, the car is quite impressive.

Drink the Kool Aid.

  1. Alex says:

    I fear these unending, barely distinguishable variations of the 997 are making it just as irrelevant as the Veyron with its Super Sport/par Hermes/Sang-this-and-that “special editions,” which are by now probably more numerous than the original. Yawn. What Porsche really needs to make is a new GT1. A proper one, like the 993/996.

    • autophiliac says:

      How about the 918?

      • Alex says:

        The 918 RSR is definitely a giant leap in the right direction. That said, the GT1 was of far more extreme proportions and, particularly in ’96 and ’97, was a nice complement to its relatively conservative rear-engined sibling. By contrast, the RSR is little more than a closed version of the “standard” 918 with minimal exterior changes.

        Notwithstanding all the eye candy that is the 918, what I’d also like to see is a 911 so heavily modified that it warrants a different model designation, a la Moby Dick, 959 and GT1. I feel like back when all we had was the GT1/2/3 and GT3 RS, the 911 made more sense.

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