1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

Posted: June 2, 2011 in My Cars

What is there to say about this car?  Yet another one who’s glory is lost to crashed computers and closed websites.  All I can present is this one remaining photo.

This was the car I purchased after I totalled my Celica.  It had all the boxes checked – lowered, way more power, and most importantly – a turbo.  To a young aspiring ricer, nothing is more necessary than the WHZZZZZ-PSHHhhhh of a turbo spooling and the blowoff valve venting in between shifts.  What an experience.  Watching the needle on the boost gauge flick up and down.  The way that a turbo delivers torque is also fantastic – a surge of power followed by a flat torque curve.  Once I changed the cams in this car it didn’t spool up quite as fast, but it pulled like no other to redline.  This car pushed about 340 horsepower until I blew the compression in one of the cylinders – I’m not really sure what the problem was as I simply sold it running like shit to some dumb kid in high school intent on racing Camaros – for just as much as I paid for it.

Another fantastic feature was the incredibly rare RS-R exhaust – unlike most other fart cannons out there it had a mature, relatively small tip at the end of the 3″ piping and it made wonderful noises – a sporty growl as opposed to an obnoxious rumble.  Not that I heard it much, the car had some insane 3-sub sound system that would make your ears bleed without much effort.

Alas, while the power was intoxicating the handling left a lot to be desired.  Sure, it had improved bushings and some minor suspension modifications, but this was before the EVO was in America and as such the AWD system was heavily biased towards plowing.  It was a fantastic tool for delivery power on the Washington, D.C. streets but the added weight up front was a detriment to the handling, resulting in a nose-heavy push.  The revelatory moment came for me when I drove my friend’s stock Miata on my normal late-night road – where this car would push 65-70 mph the Miata would hold on all the way up to 80 mph and keep going.  At that point I “got it” – what so many people don’t get with cars designed for sharp handling over all out power.

I became intent on selling the car, and I managed to sell it right about the time the boost caused enough damage in the engine to cause low compression in cylinder #3.

Modifications List# Ported EVO 16G Turbo
# Ported EVO O2 housing
# Ported Exhaust Manifold
# Walboro 255lph fuel pump
# FIC 550cc injectors
# GReddy Front Mount Intercooler
# APEXi Turbo Timer
# Magnacore wires
# TurboXS Blow Off Valve
# Extreme Motorsports Manual Boost Controller at 18 psi
# Dejon Intake + K&N filter
# GReddy Hard Upper Intercooler Pipes
# Extreme Motorsports 3″ Downpipe
# Extreme Motorsports 3″ Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter
# RS-R 3″ mandrel bent exhaust
# HKS 264 Intake Camshaft
# HKS 272 Exhaust Camshaft
# B&M Short Shifter
# Razo 400 Series Shift Knob
# Clutch Master 2500lb Pressure Plate, Stage 1 Disc
# Lightened OEM flywheel (15lbs)
# Energy Suspension Polyeurethane Motor Mount Inserts
# Autometer boost guage
# GReddy EGT guage
# Autometer bezel gauge pod on steering wheel
# Front/Rear strut tower braces
# Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks
# Eibach Pro-Kit springs
# Rear Camber kit
# Toyo Proxes TPT 215/50/R17 Tires
# Injen Chrome plug cover
# Repco/Axxis Metal Master Brake Pads
# Alpine 7949 head unit
# Alpine ERA-G320 Equalizer
# Alpine 12-disc CD changer
# Alpine 3555 AMP
# Rockford Fosgate Punch 200.2 AMP
# MBQuart 218.03 SX Speakers (front)
# MBQuart Speakers (rear)
# 3 JL Audio JLAVS308W6 Subs (3 in a sealed box)
# Alpine Alarm


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