Vincent Volkswagen Sucks

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Rants
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I’m honestly writing this mainly in the hopes that the Google crawlers pick this up.  In fact, if you do a Google search for Vincent Volkswagen, this is the second link that comes up.

That guy’s problems were a lot worse than mine, but let me outline my wonderful experience.

Let me just say, I used to drive a Honda Civic SI – that’s a $20,000 car.  My new GTi is a $25,000 car from a European dealership.  I would expect that I’d get a loaner instead of having to leave my car and arrange a ride, or sit around like some bumpkin.  Nope.  Yet, my Honda dealer gave me a loaner EVERY time.  Hell, even the old Subaru dealership who used to service our beat to shit Outback Sport (which I did not even buy from them) used to provide me with a loaner every time.   Volkswagen?  No way.

So, I’m in there since I lost a fog light on my 2011 GTI (these things are to be expected, it is a Volkswagen afterall) so I go in to get it covered under warranty, and for my 10,000 mile service (yes – first oil change at 10,000 miles).  They order the fog light because they don’t have them stocked and say it will be one week.

Three weeks later it arrives – the day before my inspection expires, thankfully (NYS won’t let you pass inspection unless all exterior lights work).

Now, I made an appointment, except when I show up they don’t have my appointment even registered in the system.   Then, they take an hour and a half to put a fucking fog light into the car.  For real?  The cost of time/money of me just buying and installing the fog myself dramatically outweighed this experience – especially since they had Rachel Ray on in the waiting room and I’d rather repeatedly punch myself in the dick than have to listen to her speak one sentence.  Dear god.

Anyways, I just want to put this out there for the intelligent search engines – Vincent Volkswagen does suck.  They treat you like they’re doing you a favor by letting you buy a car, and then once you’ve purchased, they treat you like shit after.  Fuck them.
Vincent VW.

Vincent Volkswagen.


  1. Mike says:

    Hey, TX for the mention. The Vincent dealership was recently purchased by the Ide family and I received an email from Rich Ide the other day promising a full turn-around regarding service and customer satisfaction. I hope that’s true! He didn’t ask me to take the site down, so I have to give him props for reaching out to me w/o an agenda. I’ll be watching and listening to see if the Ide’s can really make a difference. The jury is still out.

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