Nearly finished

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Rants
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The car is going for tuning this week.

This weekend I purchased a Momo Corse seat and a Bride Low Max seat.  I have a 5 pt harness, I’m going to have that for the passenger and get a 6 pt for the driver (me!).  Not sure which seat will go in which position yet.

Kevin recently did the following

-bled the brakes and clutch, no leaks
-put coolant in the cooling system, no leaks.
-The battery box is installed, wiring to the battery is done
-Filled the gaps in the firewall and cut an access panel in the top for filling fuel. The firewall is done.
-The radiator fan is wired up.

Things that need to be finished
-yet to connect the battery, but that will happen tomorrow. I don’t forsee any issues, I went over all the electrical yesterday
-find wiper arms
-find/buy 3rd brake light
-buy more coolant and fill intercooler
-radio?? Need to hunt down a harness, speakers, and head unit still
-choose location and method for mounting wideband air fuel ratio gauge
-immediately after tuning the car will have to come back and all wiring will need to be wrapped and secured
-install center driveshaft


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