These new electric cars are shockingly attractive

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Rants
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I’m pretty impressed with the current crop of electric vehicles.


Yeah, that’s right.  I mean, sure, the Leaf, the Volt, the Prius – they look like multivitamins on wheels and have about as much style and sex appeal as a Kitchenaid (actually, I think my wife is sexually attacted to hers).

These new cars, however, they look like something I might even want to drive.  Now, I’ve never driven any of them – so let’s go off looks alone, shall we (that philosophy served me well in College).

tesla roadsterOG stands for “original gangster”


We’ve come a long way since General Motors killed the electric car.  The originator of the “new” electric car craze has got to be the Tesla Roadster.  Now, they took a shockingly ugly car as the basis for this, added a few billion pounds of batteries, broke transmissions, never got it to deliver the range or speed they promised, yet still, the car is appealing.  It’s outrageously expensive so it’s clearly got the “exclusive” factor going for it (although more of a self-indulgent weiner parked outside of starbucks than a true connoisseur thing).  But more importantly, rumor has it that the car actually works.  It’s supposed to have full torque from 0-whatever RPM, which always makes for a fun car, and should get 100 miles or so on range.  That’s plenty for heading to the local Whole Foods and picking up some cardio-bunnies (well, you’d only really have room for 1 – and not many groceries, considering the batteries taking up all that space and whatnot).  Nonetheless, this car gets a “sorta cool” approval from me.  Not quite a “want”, but definitely an interesting vehicle.

cadillac-elr-xlHere is where I would quote Cadillac’s slogan, but I have no idea what it is.

Now we’re on to a car that definitely raises some interest.  From what I can understand, this is essentially a rebadged Volt, which, if you’ve read anything I’ve ever posted, is one of the deadly sins for which I hate automakers.  However, in this case, I’ll let it slide for two reasons – 1) The Volt is an interesting car, and solves the problem of “range anxiety” in a novel way, although I’d prefer if the “range extender” were a diesel rotary motor or some sort of turbine, but what do I know about constant RPM efficiency, I’m a lawyer.  Anyways, – 2) This car is drop dead sexy.  Also, it has a power assist sliding cupholder.  ‘Murica.

BMW_i8_Concept_Coupe-DV-12-DAS_01No, this is not a prop from “Tron”

Finally, the BMW i8.  I know nothing about this car.  I mean, I think it’s electric?  Who the fuck cares.  Look at that thing.  I want to lick it.  My god.  The curves and lines and shape and proportions and everything except those stupid Donk ass wheels.  It looks like a 12 year old’s lego creation got snatched up and turned into a working vehicle.  They’re actually going to sell this?  How much is it going to cost?  How much can one of my children fetch on the black market?




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