Custom RX-8 Aluminum Exhaust by STM

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Rants

In my quest to reduce weight, I worked with STM and commissioned a custom one-off aluminum exhaust for my RX-8.

The end result was 33 lbs shed and a quiet exhaust that sounds sporty, not obnoxious.  We’ll see how the aluminum holds up to the heat from the rotary.

DSC_0003_2_zps416dbcbf DSC_0005_zps87a77eff DSC_0006_2_zpsb6a87693 DSC_0006_zps2e01cdd2 DSC_0007_zpsf720fa8a DSC_0008_zpse0b1619e DSC_0009_zps0a77592a DSC_0010_2_zpsfeb65f9c DSC_0012_zpsf9b5acf7 DSC_0015_zps83b1c68d DSC_0018_2_zps00b045e0 DSC_0021_zps4602f0cd DSC_0024_zps563652d0 DSC_0027_zps81c1f994


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