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That fancy Aluminum Exhaust I had built by STM started falling apart at the welds.  Well, it didn’t start falling apart at the welds.  It fell apart at the welds.  The thing basically disintegrated.

Unfortunately, the dude I worked out my “sponsorship” with went crazy and ran off to Israel, so nobody at the store was really willing to do anything for free anymore.

So, I went to Ross Temple to get a new stainless exhaust built.

You can see how the old exhaust was held together with tape, JBWeld and wishes.  Yes, that is the exhaust pretty much warped and completely separated up by the hanger.

You can compare the old to the new.  See how the aluminum exit pipe and tip warped?

The new unit is stainless, and weighs 15 lbs (instead of 6), but that’s still quite a savings from the stock 35 lb exhaust.

Here you can see where the old unit started sagging as it split apart, and melted my bumper.

And now, some welding porn.