1993 Audi 100 CS Quattro

Posted: October 6, 2016 in Rants

It’s gonna be a race car.


Step 1: Add lightness


Step 2: Add power with a “custom” intake.


Step 3: Mount truck tires


Step 4: Race


We added a little more lightness during our first event by ripping off two fog lights and the front grille.  We also discovered that 1st gear is more than enough with the tires.  Finally, our suspension travel not only makes for a pillowy smooth highway ride but also works rather well in an off road setting.


Total racecar.  Send it.

After our wheels started bouncing around like basketballs due to blown shocks, we contacted 2bennett Audimotive for a set of custom valved Konis.  As part of the “while you’re in there” process we cured some nasty sounds and vibration by replacing most of the tired or shredded rubber in the motor/trans/diff mounts.  The car handles surprisingly well for a full sizer, on road or off.


My friend helped me weld a custom skidplate for the car, and it’s had a ton of suspension refreshing at the hands of REDi Imports.  Drives like a dream, with AC and heated seat luxury – it’s fun to taunt the other competitors with such amenities.


I have spent much money on this car.  Most recently I lowered it and installed studded snows for better ice/snow traction; and we will run truck tires for summer dirt/mud traction.


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