1998 BMW 318ti

Posted: June 16, 2017 in Rants

I paid more for my last suit than I did for this car.


The first thing I did was purchase four M12 washers and installed two per side between the lower shock bolts as shims.  The internet told me this gives me more camber for about $2 (or you could be a sucker and pay real money for the Turner kit).


The secondary air injection pump shit the bed, so I bought a new one.  In order to properly access it, I had to remove the monstrous air intake assembly which covered almost the entire front of the car.


And me being me, I figured it was an opportunity to save a ton of weight.  So I went to Lowes and purchased $18 worth of HVAC parts.


I cut up the filter and clamped it in before the MAF, and then removed the fog light cover, snaked the pipe down into the fresh air, and clamped more filter over the pipe end.


I definitely lost a ton of weight and the car makes some mean noises under full throttle, but I can’t say it makes any extra power.  However, this exercise is in line with my theme for this car – dirt cheap garage engineering.

  1. Elyza says:

    That’s really thinking at an imverssipe level

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