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2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Posted: August 15, 2018 in Rants


My wife took the kids and left me home alone for 10 days so naturally I bought this rough, 105,000 mile Z06 on an impulse.  It came with some gnarly wheels, rough paint, a fucked up front end, and worn out seats.


I promptly tore the engine apart, performed the trunion/rocker bushing maintenance, fixed the oil pressure sending unit, threw in some Koni shocks and changed all the fluids.

I went with the BFGoodrich Rival S in 275/335 because the Yokohama wasn’t available in four sizes, rendering it “not legal” for SCCA use.  Yokohama promptly released the Advan A052 in enough sizes a couple of days after I ordered tires.

Off she went to the paint shop.  Didn’t turn out too bad.




The paint shop sent the car to the alignment shop, who got the rear alignment right (-2 degrees camber, 1/4″ toe in) but completely botched the front.  I removed the shims from the upper control arms in the front and wound up with between -2.5 and -2.9 degrees of camber and added about 1/16″ of toe out.

The guys at Arete did a paint correction and ceramic coating.


Hanging out with some friends.